List of apparel, fashion, and sports brands in web3, online games and the metaverse

Digital clothes are a thing now.

Digital clothes are a thing now.

Especially in social media with the vast amount of filters available and online games where users are already spending $40 Billion a year on skins for their avatars!

Companies like DRESSX and The Fabricant are innovating in the space and building marketplaces for users to buy digital clothes.

And a lot of fashion, sports, beauty, and apparel brands have been testing and iterating how to enter the web3 and metaverse space.

We’ve compiled a list of 30+ brands that are doing cool things in this space:

👛 Fashion Brands: Gucci | Burberry | Christian Dior Couture

👟 Sports Brands: Nike | adidas

👕 Apparel Brands: Urban Outfitters | PULL&BEAR | Vans, a VF CompanyAnd many more! Interested in the list?

You can get the full list by engaging with the tweet below: