👾 Everything you need to know about vvery community

The what, when, how, why, and more about us!

Since moving to Vancouver, I’ve always wanted to launch something. But the pandemic and a newborn delayed the plan.

Now I'm back on track.

Launching vvery community is my first step in deep-diving into web3 fashion, virtual wearables, and digital apparel.

There is still a lot to be figured out but what is clear to me is that selling and distributing virtual outfits, skins, and accessories into online games and the metaverse comes with its challenges!

Different platforms have their own requirements, tokens, blockchains, design formats, and more.

And that is exactly why I'm starting this community.

To bring together creative minds working with brands and creators to figure out how to jump into this exciting industry.

Things I'll be exploring in the next couple of weeks and sharing with the community

  • Direct-To-Avatar (DTA) brands: What does it take to build a DTA from the ground up. Currently working on vvAnimalz and will be sharing this experience over time.

  • Fashion DAOs: I have this crazy idea that DTA brands can be owned by the community through DAOs; however, I'm still unclear how this can work. I will be exploring this space and options.

  • Online games and the metaverse: Understand what are all the possible universes where brands can distribute and sell wearables.

  • Brands in web3: A list of all brands currently selling NFTs or digital wearables in this space.

  • web3 fashion tech stack: What is the ultimate tech stack that a brand needs to sell and distribute wearables successfully.

Who is vvery community for?

This blog is for anyone interested in learning more about how to distribute and sell virtual outfits, skins, or accessories in online games and the metaverse.

Whether you work for a brand or a creative artist, I will be sharing guides, tips, and just things that can help you navigate this space.

Why join vvery community?

Because you want to learn and explore how to distribute and sell virtual wearables into online games and the metaverse.

Like me, you are probably starting or still trying to figure out how to bring your brand into these universes.


Welcome to vvery and make sure to follow us on Twitter and join our LinkedIn group!

P.S. if you have any feedback, recommendations, etc, feel free to drop a DM on Twitter or LinkedIn.